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Key Brands and Partners

The brands we represent are fundamental to our offer.  We only represent products we believe passionately in, our lubrication engineers wouldn’t have it any other way.

ERIKS can recommend products across one brand or a range of brands – ensuring the best performance and the best value, regardless of supplier.

The best example of this is our Lubrication Essentials Range. We can solve lubrication problems whether this demands more than a lubricant – from application equipment to machinery components – or less – with our lube-free chains and sealed bearings. 

We can assess the lubricants you use and whether they are the best for the job. We can help you to reduce the number you use, whilst maximising protection for your equipment.

ERIKS are master technical distributors for the key industrial lubrication brands including:


Ambersil Castrol including BP OKS (Freudenberg Group)
Rocol RX Simatec
SKF Triflow WD-40, including 3-in-1
TOTAL Lubricants    

We also supply many other brands including Shell, Kluber (Freudenberg Group), Fuchs and Fuchs Lubritec, Loctite, Batolye, ExxonMobil and many others.