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With a network of Service Centres located close to major ports, ERIKS are a key partner for OEM Vessel manufacture, Vessel maintenance, Vessel operation and Port operation. 

Demanding conditions are the norm in the marine sector and reliability is key whether you’re at sea or if your port is working 24/7.  

Ship operators need to maximize time at sea, reduce maintenance costs, and provide a safe working environment for the crew. Port equipment need to be ready to operate at any given moment and maintenance needs to be minimal and automated where possible.

ERIKS supply a wide and varied range of product and services including lubricants and lubrication systems designed specifically for the Marine industry including lubricants designed to withstand water washout through excellent water separation and emulsification characteristics. This means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life, increased equipment reliability. High protection against corrosion and reduced wear results in reduced maintenance.