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Product Life

Without the correct lubricant selection and the correct lubrication regime, you could be dramatically reducing the operating efficiency and life span of your plant and assets.ERIKS Lubrication Services

For bearings, chains, gearboxes and many other critical components the lubricant is a key and integral component.  It may surprise you to know that over lubrication can be as damaging to a bearing as under lubrication.

Selecting the correct lubricant; ensuring the correct lubrication intervals and selecting a suitable delivery method is key to ERIKS, whether we are supplying the lubricant, the components to be lubricated or both.

With customers finding shut down and maintenance schedules ever more stretched, ERIKS bearing and power transmission engineering teams regularly call on our lubrication engineers to help find ways to extend product life for our customers.

Talk to us about finding the optimum lubricant to fit your specific requirements.