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Mechanical Handling and Pump Applications features Drive with Market Leading Guarantee

New Jaguar Drive

IMO´s new Jaguar VXR drive offers users the operating security of a unique 5-year guarantee; a benefit now offered across the full range of IMO Jaguar drives. The Jaguar VXR is available in 5 frame sizes from 0.37kW to 15kW; it is equally suited to demanding lift or hoisting applications, as well as fan or pump control. Key to this flexibility is a series of specific application groups that enable easy setup for the relevant control function; for example, brake control for lifting / indexing; multi-setpoint PlD with sleep function; 2- stage PlD on winding applications using dancer input - are just some of the many diverse tasks the VXR can undertake.

With double the processing power (64MHz) of its predecessor, the Jaguar VXR offers superior speed and positioning accuracy, and delivers higher levels of control, even with rapidly changing loads. This upgrade in processing ability enables the VXR to offer separate Torque and Current Limiting control functions, (and the facility for 300% starting torque from 1-3Hz) a configuration ideal for many mechanical handling or overload situations. Moreover, the speed and accuracy of this design offers many user benefits, including - importantly - the prevention of costly damage. The VXR´s integrated Soft Stall ´Hit and Stop´ function can be used effectively for both positioning applications with ´Deadstop´, and also as a ´Shearpin´, if required. In addition, the ´Deadstop´ provides fast accurate control of both the ´hit´ and the ´holding torque´ aspects required in mechanical handling applications, with little ´bounce-back´ and superior control over a wider range.

The built-in facility of the VXR for tripless acceleration/deceleration means that the drive is equally at home in pump and fan applications. The VXR is designed with a ´spinning motor´ mode to smoothly synchronise to a rotating load; and it can also extend deceleration times to prevent overvoltage trips on high inertia loads such as fans. These features along with mains dip / outage strategies also make VXR an ideal choice for starting helical rotor, peristaltic and other PD (positive displacement) pumps, with the intrinsic ability to extend control down to very low speeds. In addition enhanced system energy saving can be qualified by the user with the VXR´s improved thermal efficiency, on-board kWH calculator, combined with a cost totaliser.

Easy to program with its user-configurable quick start´ menu, the Jaguar VXR is supplied as standard with a removable keypad, providing security for the user against tampering once the drive programme is finalised. In addition, the inclusion of a LAN cable provides the ability to use an (optional) dual display backlight LCD keypad, which can be programmed to display any one of 19 different parameters: for example, speed, time, motor current, torque, input power, PID process value (PV), and many more. The optional multi-function display offers plain text programming and diagnostics. It also features a fully customisable menu to enable users to create the most friendly parameter list for their own use, choosing as many or as few parameters as they like. Furthermore, full control can be deployed e.g. for testing during commissioning to test rotation and mimic fault status.

In addition to diagnostic information, the optional LCD display also aids maintenance by enabling the status of all main wearing components (fans, electrolytic capacitors in PCB & main circuit) to be displayed and checked. This facility can be further extended, allowing the VXR user to programme an early warning signal to prompt preventative replacement of parts However, with a full 50°C ambient rating at the highest switching frequencies, industry-leading MTBF´s and a 10 year design lifetime* backed by the unique Jaguar 5-Year guarantee, it may be some time before any action is required.

The VXR can be employed as a standalone drive or as a fully networked unit using fieldbus technology. The drive is supplied with one RS485 port for programming via a Window´s compatible software, with the facility for an optional second port. Both ports can bet set up as Modbus RTU for connection to peripheral devices. In addition, optional DeviceNet, Profibus and CCLink modules can be integrated into the VXR providing a very neat solution for fieldbus applications. Sealed-for-life´ cooling fans are used on all applicable models, for example.

Wide VXR Range Available Now.

The VXR range is available now. RoHS, CE and UL/cUL compliant, it encompasses five sizes, from 0.37kW to 15kW, in 200V series single-phase (up to 2.2kW) and also 380-480V series three phase input units, all with integrated braking.

For further information on this product, please contact your local ERIKS service centre on 0845 006 6000 or click here to find your local service centre.

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