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Monitoring Press Fitting Processes

Festo YJKP Servo

Conventional electrical press-fitting systems can be expensive and require programming knowledge. For force areas up to 17kN, the modular Festo Servo Press Kit YJKP:
  • Costs less
  • Offers the optimum price/performance ratio
  • Comes ready to use, complete with specific software functions for your application
  • Easily integrated into your system
  • .

Pre-installed software

Suitable for monitoring all press-fitting processes — including force, torque, distance, joining angle, pressing in, turning and swivelling — the Servo Press Kit YJKP is ready to use, featuring 4 pre-installed software functions:
  • Commissioning
  • Programming
  • Operation
  • Diagnostics

Intuitive functionality

Setting parameters for your pressing processes is quick and easy, with fast and intuitive functionality.

Standard components

The Festo Servo Press Kit YJKP is pre-assembled, and incorporates proven, standard Festo components, including:
  • Servo motor
  • Motor controller
  • Electric drive

Powerful controller

The CCCX controller of the Servo Press Kit YJKP offers powerful processing performance in a compact size. It also includes analogue inputs for handling data from force sensors.

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