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More from the Ambersil maintenance range

Amberclens FG

Ambersil Silicone FG

Ambersil Industrial DegreaserLabel and Adhesive Remover

Amberclens FG

Biodegradable, water-based foam cleaner

Your benefits:

  • NSF A1 registered (N°137995)
  • Removes oil, grime and stains from any washable surface
  • Free from phosphates, EDTA, ammonia, chlorinated or petroleum solvents

Industrial Degreaser FG

NSF Registered Heavy Duty Degreaser

Your benefits:

  • NSF A8 and K1 registered (N°140255 and 140250) for use in food industry
  • Cuts through dirt and grease
  • Fast evaporation to minimise downtime, leaves no residues
  • Easy cleaning with minimal odour

Label and Adhesive Remover FG

NSF Registered Adhesive Remover

Your benefits:

  • NSF K3 registered (N°140259) for use in the food industry
  • Removes adhesives and paper labels in three minutes
  • Particularly effective in removing shipping labels on pallets
  • Good material compatibility (always test prior to application)
  • Improves packaging line efficiency by reducing jamming caused by label and adhesive build-up

Silicone FG

NSF Registered Silicone Lubricant

Your benefits:

  • NSF H1 registered (N°138000) meets USDA 1998 H1, to be used as a lubricant with possible incidental food contact
  • Excellent general lubricating properties
  • Forms a colourless, non-staining film
  • Highly water-resistant and repels water from treated areas
  • Eliminates squeaking, binding and sticking
Ambersil Acrylic PaintAmbersil Chain LubeAmbergrease FG1

Chain Lube FG

A high performance, foaming, chain lubricant

Your benefits:

  • NSF H1 registered (N°137998)
  • Good adhesion, even at elevated temperatures and high RPM
  • Excellent penetration
  • Leaves a tenacious, long lasting lubricating film
  • Prevents corrosion and resists water wash-off
  • Operating temperature from -15°C to +175°C

Ambergrease FG1

Your benefits:

  • NSF H1 registered (N°138264
  • Excellent extreme pressure bearing grease
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Operational temperature range from -50°C to +165°C
  • Water washout @ 38°C - < 1% max

Acrylic Paint

A wide selection of RAL matched colours

Your benefits:

  • Optimum blending of resin and pigments ensuring colours remain vibrant and metals protected
  • Fast drying with good hardening
  • Excellent flexibility, good adhesion to metal, wood, glass, paintable plastics, concrete and stone
  • Operational temperature range: -50°C to +120°C

Paint Marker Pens

Your benefits:

  • Nib size 3mm
  • Can write on surfaces which have residue
  • Paint won't bleed through primers
  • Paint will not fade and is longer lasting than ink
    Write on almost any surface including dark backgrounds and still be clear

Ambersil Marker Pens

For further details contact your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000.

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