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Motion Control Traditional Servos Accessories

Remote Operator

Breakout Terminal Board & Interface Cable


Regeneration Resistors

Panel Mounting Brackets

Remote Operator and PC Set-up Software

The handheld remote operator and 2 meter connection cable are common to the PE, PV, and PY servo drives. The remote operator is used for setting the servo drive parameters and for checking the internal status of the servo drive.

The PC set-up software (Windows 95/98/NT/2000), including connection cable, is also available as an alternative to the remote operator with the added ability to save drive set-up as a file and to restore drive set-up from the file.

The easy-to-use remote operator has a 2 x 16 character LCD display. Each character is a 5 x 7 dot matrix. This allows for a more complete message display than the typical 8 character display provided by the competition. The compact remote operator is easy for anyone to use and is an excellent tool for the factory floor. One remote operator can be used for multiple servo drives because it is completely independent of the drive and can be quickly attached and removed as required.

The Remote Operator has four modes: parameter mode, monitor mode, alarm tracing mode, and test mode. Five test points are also available on the bottom of the remote operator: speed command, alarm status, motor excitation status, and two programmable test points - M1 and M2 (which allow the monitoring of additional drive signals).

Breakout Terminal Board and Interface Cable

Another very useful accessory is the Breakout Screw Terminal Board and interface cable to the CN1 connector on the drive. This accessory makes all the I/O signals from CN1 (on all PY drives) available for user connection at the screw terminal board. There is a 10 foot limit on the length of the interface cable. This breakout board and interface cable should be contained within your control cabinet. Please consider this accessory to make your interface connections to the drive easy and trouble-free.


The most common cause of start-up problems is faulty cabling. This is why we offer and require factory tested and fully terminated cables for all connections between the drive and motor. We offer motor power cables and motor feedback cables in several standard lengths. We also offer custom cable lengths in one foot increments at the same price per foot as standard length cables.

Regeneration Resistors

A range of regeneration resistors are available for applications that require regeneration capability in excess of the drive´s built-in regeneration resistor (15A and 30A PY2 drives do not have a built-in regeneration resistor). All external regeneration resisters are equipped with built-in thermostats. Please contact our Technical Support Engineers to evaluate your application and any need for external regeneration resistors.

Panel Mounting Brackets (for 50A, 100A & 150A PY0 Drives ONLY)

The 50A, 100A and 150A PY0 Drives are panel mountable without these brackets but they each require a large rectangular cut-out in the panel (and clearance behind the panel) for the heat sinks. Using these brackets eliminates the need to cut the panel, and the mounting hole pattern is identical to the standard mounting hole pattern for the drive. The approximate depth of either drive with this bracket installed is 320mm. These brackets replace the existing brackets that come with their respective drives.
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