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Motor supply and motor repair in the water industry

Siemens Motor

ERIKS UK has won a contract with South West Water supporting its in-house workshops for motor repair or replacement and assisting with submersible pump refurbishment. ERIKS Electro Mechanical Services will work with Siemens as the nominated motor manufacturer for South West Water (SWW) for the supply of new electric motors.

ERIKS UK works with Siemens in a three-way partnering agreement, Siemens has provided a consignment stock of motors to South West Water that WEMS manages in respect of repair or replace.

The agreement covers single and three phase TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motors, ´squirrel cage´ induction motors and motors for submersible pumps. Electro Mechanical Services are required to overhaul and rewind existing motors and supply new motors at sites across the South West Water region.

A major advantage to SWW of working with ERIKS UK is its experience of advising in repair versus replace decisions in regard to electric motors. Electro Mechanical Services has a history of success in the water industry, having worked with other suppliers such as Thames Water Utilities and Southern Water. Repair versus replace decisions are made upon a calculation which looks at whole life costs and takes into account such aspects as availability, energy efficiency, payback time etc.

Given Electro Mechanical Services experience in the water industry, SWW was assured that the company could meet the exacting health and safety and potable water standards which were major elements of the tender process. Hazards on SWW sites include deep tanks and wells and confined spaces while there are also other physical, chemical and biological factors to consider. Also, experience of working to the standards of the Water Supply Regulations was an important factor.

Another beneficial feature, given the geographical spread of SWW´s, sites was the network of service centres and specialist repair centres which ERIKS UK was able to access. Plus, at the end of 2007 Forco Electrical Services in Exeter was acquired by ERIKS UK and this specialist industrial electric motor service and repair facility is to play a major role in meeting the requirements of the contract.

Mike Brook, business development director, Electro Mechanical Services commented saying, "We are pleased to be working with Siemens in supporting South West Water on this project. Electro Mechanical Services has many years of experience in the water industry and can offer a diverse range of services, offering such specialities as generator maintenance, mechanical work, gearbox repair, air blower repair and our expanding expertise in condition monitoring."

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