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Motors and Gearboxes Repair or Replace

Electro Mechancial Services

Repair or replace? React or predict?

ERIKS Technical Services gives you the kind of choices others don't give. So instead of being offered a štake it or leave it solution', we offer you solutions you can pick and choose.

Because we have both high quality electromechanical repair facilities and a huge range of replacement parts in stock, where applicable, we offer you the option of a replacement part or a repair. Taking into account the speed of repair, total cost of ownership and replacement cost, we can make the recommendation which best meets your needs, not just our capabilities.

Every repeat failure represents a potential performance improvement opportunity. For critical plant applications with high risk consequences, early detection of component degradation is essential.

Our Predictive Maintenance Services identify potential issues, so that you can repair or replace parts at your convenience before they fail. We can also identify the root cause of failure and make recommendations or modifi cations so they are eliminated.
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