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Current industrial electric motors conforming to the latest European electric motor Bearings solutions for motorsefficiency standards, meeting the efficiency performance requirements for IE3 Premium Efficiency need bearings to match.

Motors commonly feature deep groove ball bearings (often 63 series) and on larger sizes cylindrical roller bearings with the drive end bearing fixed and a re-greasing facility from around the 180 frame size and above.

Energy efficiency, reliability and long operating life are critical. The quality of your bearings will have a lasting effect on the operating efficiency and life cycle of your electric motors.  Ensuring a quality product is fitted during refurbishment will help to ensure you get the maximum value from your asset.


Key product and solutions:

Deep groove ball bearings
NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings
NSK is the world leader in Deep Groove Ball Bearings, quality assured through 100% testing ensures total product quality and delivers ultra-quiet running along with optimised low energy consumption and many sizes require no maintenance.
Electrically insulated bearings
NSK Electrically insulated bearings with a ceramic coating
Some applications are prone to causing bearing damage and premature failure due to electrical corrosion. Electrical corrosion causes damage to the raceway resulting from electrical discharges between the rolling elements and the raceway. With its electrically insulated bearings, NSK offers a special product with high insulation resistance to deal with this problem. The bearings’ rings are coated with a layer of ceramic which has a set thickness. This is applied using a special spraying technique designed to ensure that the coating bonds securely to the bearing steel.
SKF E2 energy efficient ball bearings
SKF E2 Energy Efficient Ball Bearings
The frictional moment of an SKF Energy Efficient bearing is, on average, approximately 50% reduced compared with the frictional moment of a standard SKF shielded deep groove ball bearing resulting in the consumption of 20 to 50% less energy.


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