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Multi Axis Control with AML

AML Applications can Communicate Via:

SERCOSOPC (server and client)
DeviceNetAllen-Bradley DF1
ProfiBus DPActiveX (server and controls)
Ethernet TCP/IPDDE (Pipeline)
Open Modbus TCPMelsec I/O

...and our own generic I/O driver, cleverly named "Generic I/O".

AML Application Programs run on our Cost-Effective Embedded Controller

Your first choice is to run AML applications on Sanyo Denki´s SMS-10, an industrial PC with the embedded VxWorks operating system. The SMS-10 is a complete controller that includes the AML runtime license for a specific number of axes, SERCOS, Ethernet (Modbus TCP or TCP/IP with OPC, ActiveX, or DDE), dual serial ports, and digital I/O with watchdog output. Optional capability includes master encoder with latch input port and PCMCIA slot for addition of DeviceNet or Profibus DP cards.

AML Application Programs run on an Open Controller with Windows NT/2000

Your second option is to run the AML application program on the SMS-OC - a convenient bundled solution that includes an industrial PC, Windows, and the SMS-PCI. Other Windows applications such as Visual Basic, a soft logic application, or an HMI application can run with the AML application program for true open-architecture control. Our OPC, ActiveX Control Suite, or Pipeline (DDE server) allows these other applications to communicate with the AML application. Also, the AML Productivity Suite may run on the target PC which eliminates the need for a separate programmer´s PC and Ethernet connection

As a third alternative, you can use the PC of your choice with Windows NT/2000. In this case, you would purchase the Sanyo Denki SMS-PCI which is the PCI-bus card for the SERCOS interface with the AML runtime license for a specific number of axes.
SERCOS Servo Systems & I/O Modules Complete the Machine Control Solution

Complete your solution with SERCOS Servo Systems and I/O Modules. The SERCOS standard is supported worldwide by most major servo drive and I/O suppliers.

AML Solves a Broad Range of Applications Including:

Bag MakingTextile ProcessingPalletizing
Web FeedingPlastic ProcessingConveying
Mail SortingPrintingMetal Forming
Assembly and TestCartonersPipe Bending
Material HandlingConvertingX-Y Tables
WrappersCase PackingRoll Forming
PouchersFibre WindingCartesian Robots
BaggersFood ProcessingStacking

Application capabilities of AML include:

Registration ControlAbsolute MovesInterpolation
Electronic GearingRelative MovesProgrammable Limit Switches
Electronic CammingJog MovesS-Curve Acceleration and Deceleration
Event HandlingDrive TrainsLinear Acceleration and Deceleration
HomingDigital I/OVirtual and Actual Encoders...
TimersAnalog I/O
File Read/WriteSwitches

...and many other capabilities that support general purpose or continuous motion machine control. While AML has a proven track-record of high-speed servo-driven machine control, we continue to devote a significant amount of development resources on the continued enhancement of AML.
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