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Multi Spring Seals

Multi Spring Seals

Multi Spring seals are bi-directional and commonly used in more arduous conditions.

The standard designs feature a PTFE Wedge shaft seal that is chemically inert.
This wedge is loaded by the springs and exerts a consistent force on the shaft providing a positive seal.

Multi Spring seals are ideal for corrosive and chemical applications. Their suitability for less arduous applications is enhanced by designs that feature an o-ring in place of the wedge. These designs are more cost effective and generally utilized where demands are not too great.

Styles MC0, MCS, MD0 & MDS are compact designs in accordance with DIN 24960 (EN12756) and ISO3069.

Styles ME0, MES, MF0 & MFS are a thin section design and conform to ANSI B73 making them suitable for American equipment.

All M type seals are positively driven by grub screws which are also used to set the seal at the correct working length.

Designs MB0, MD0, & MF0 are balanced, reducing heat and friction at the faces. This prolongs life and allows for higher operating parameters.
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