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Multipoint lubricator from Timken

C Power Lubrication System

Multipoint lubricator C-Power from Timkin is a centralized multipoint lubrication system capable of delivering grease to up to six lubrication points.

Proper multipoint lubrication is critical to machine performance and component longevity. Research indicates that more than 50 percent of all bearing damage is related to inadequate or improper lubrication. To help prevent premature failures, this centralised multipoint lubricator is capable of dispensing grease up to 30 m through six lubrication points, making it ideal for bearings, chains, guide ways and other industrial equipment components. Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -20° C to 60° C, Timken C-Power multipoint lubricator can pre-set lubrication intervals between one day and 24 months.

C-Power multipoint lubricators are filled with Timken-formulated lubricants. A full line of accessories including brackets, clamps, brushes, fittings and hose extensions offer ease installation options for hard-to-reach locations.

Adding this multipoint lubricator to Timken product portfolio we provide our customers with a safer, more effective way to lubricate multiple points more consistently than if they were to do it manually, potentially saving time and money.

Timken C-Power multipoint lubricator features:

Timken C-Power multipoint Lubricator replaces up to six single-point lubricators with one, easy to maintain multipoint system

Remote mounting addresses šspace confined lubrication points´ with no pressure loss up to 5 m per point

Versatile programmability from one to 24 months

Full pressure is maintained regardless of the number of lubrication points selected

Includes a complete kit of accessories and pre-filled grease lines for six lubrication points

In addition to the C-Power centralized multipoint lubricator, Timken also offers G-Power (gas powered) and M-Power (motorized) single-point lubricators. G-power lubricators are designed for traditional industrial environments, as well as high-humidity, high-corrosion, hygienically clean and low-ambient-temperature applications. M-Power lubricators feature reusable drive motors -- battery or direct-wire powered -- and replaceable lubrication canisters.

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