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Loctite Video

Henkel has carried out research with thousands of customers worldwide in order to update its iconic Loctite 243 and 270 thread lock products. The results highlighted some areas of possible improvement, which the company's research department turned into two completely new formulas.

The results of the survey were passed to the Henkel technology centre in Dublin, where the products have been re-developed to address three main areas of performance: performance on passive metal substrates, oil tolerance and temperature resistance.

From start to finish the process took more than two years to complete and several Henkel scientists worldwide were working on this project. According to the company, the Loctite 243 and 270 upgrade project required the expertise of the materials testing and analytical support division where they, "Have used highly specialised equipment, the kind that you would normally only find in large research universities or on CSI."

You can try the new products for yourself as they are now both available across Europe from ERIKS.

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