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Based in Maisach Germany, OKS has engineered and manufactured specialist lubricants to world-class standards for over 35 years.

The German MRO market leader OKS Speciality Lubricants GmbH has been active as a lubrication specialist for more than 35 years operating worldwide.  Through its dealers selling engineering supplies and mineral oils, OKS is able to reach both commercial users and industrial customers. Continuous training and instruction of trade partners ensures that excellent consulting support and problem-solving expertise is available for customers locally. Longevity and cost efficiency of the lubricants used are guaranteed thanks to a modern product spectrum and the continual expansion of the range of products.

OKS produces and sells around 150 standardised, high-performance products to reduce friction, wear and corrosion. The main field of use for OKS speciality lubricants and maintenance products is industrial maintenance, repair and operations.

The products developed by OKS engineers and technicians are produced at the company’s site under strict quality and environmental requirements. In order to expand its research and manufacturing capabilities the company relocated from Munich to Maisach mid of 2011. From this site worldwide distribution of OKS products is also carried out.

Since 2003 OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH is owned by Freudenberg Chemical Specialities SE & Co. KG, part of the Freudenberg group of companies

ERIKS are the exclusive UK importer and Authorised Distributor for the OKS range. Talk to ERIKS about how high quality German engineering can benefit your business

Rolling Bearing Lubrication

Rolling bearing lubrication reduces machine failures through bearing damage and increases the operational reliability. The lubricant also inhibits wear and protects the bearing surfaces against corrosion. The choice of a rolling bearing grease depends on the design of the rolling bearing and the material of the rolling bearing cage as well as the conditions of use and application.Click for more…

Lubrication In Food Processing Plants

In the production of foods a maximum of prcess reliability and safety is rquired. Minimal amount of lubricants that are not approved in food can be  very costly for a manufacturer. This is down to inspection or even the shutting down of production systems. OKS products are used in all the areas of production and maintenance in which the performance limits of classic lubricants are exceeded. Click for more ...

Dry Lubricants 

Dry lubricants  can be classified into solid lubricants in powder form, ceraceous sliding films and in bonded coatings containing solids. Bonded coatings are solid lubricants (usually MoS2, graphite or PTFE) that are incorporated into an organic or inorganic binder. In order to allow distribution of the bonded coating, a solvent which evaporates during the hardening or drying time is added. After thorough prepartion of the surface, coating is carried out by means of immersion, spraying or painting. Click for more ...

Lubrication of Screws 

Time is money- a saying which also applies to the lubrication of screws. The well-founded selection of a suitable screw lubricant facilitates handling thanks to time- saving automatic mounting. Operational reliability of the component is increased through correct mounting of the screwed connection. Non- destructive and rapid dismantling thus becomes possible. Click for more ...

Airspray System 

The Airspray System is the practical, inexpensive and furthermore ecological spray system solution for applying chemo technical products for maintenance and servicing. Wherever compressed-air devices are available, such as in automobile and other workshops, but also in industry and in machine or engine maintenance, the OKS Airspray System helps to avoid waste and reduce costs.Click for more ...

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