Oil Flushing Rigs

Flushing Rigs

Flushing Rigs

Oil flushing Rigs are ideal for troublesome systems or where large amounts of contamination have been introduced to a machine.
Our range of oil flushing rigs is the latest in oil flushing technology. They are very portable oil pulsation units designed to work on any system.

On-board Particle Counters ensure the correct ISO / NAS cleanliness is reached. Oil flushing is carried out until the target results are achieved. On board filtration cleans down to NAS 5, ISO 14/11 or better. All results are documented and traceable to national standards.
Machines can be supplied to perform both oil flushing and pressure testing in one unit and is ideal for:
  • any system not running correctly due to contamination
  • mobile plant or machines
  • machine tools
  • new plant installations prior to commissioning
  • any system following a major overhaul
  • systems with performance problems, wear, sticking valves etc.

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