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On Site / In Situ Electro Mechanical Repairs

Some jobs are costly to remove from site or send back to the OEM to repair.
Other jobs such as FLP are very specialist and often require repair by OEMs.

ERIKS have the ability to skim commutators, slip rings, machine shafts and build keyways on site and often in-situ saving the customer valuable downtime.
This Flame Proof Motor had a damaged shaft but also was a special FLP motor.
To send this to the OEM for dismantle and repair would take between 8 - 16 weeks.

ERIKS provided Engineering drawings for the customer to approve and then proceeded to machine the shaft down to 89mm whilst still inside the motor not effecting the FLP enclosure.

Then took a new coupling and bored that to suit the new 89mm shaft.

Time Taken - 2 Weeks
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