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P3 Motors with DeviceNet™

Low inertia P3 Motor

The compact and low-inertia P3 brushless servo motors are available in three sizes: the 40mm square 100 watt size, the 60mm square 400 watt size, and the 80mm square 750 watt size.

All of the P3 motors can operate to 4500 r.p.m., include a built-in 2000 line ´wire-saving´ optical encoder, and have optional 24 VDC spring-set holding brakes. The P3 motors have connectorized leadwires and an IP-43 environmental rating.

The P3 motors have a unique magnetic design and very efficient thermal management that results in motors that are about one-half the volume of conventional motors. The compact size and low-inertia of these motors make them ideal for applications requiring fast response.
Compact Size50% smaller than conventional motors
Environmental RatingIP-43 rating provides protection of persons to hazardous parts and protection against penetration of solid foreign objects greater than 1.0 mm in diameter and protection against ingress of spraying water under test conditions as specified in IEC 529
Round Shaft with no KeywaySupports the use of ´clamp-on´ type couplings and pulleys which are needed for high-performance servo applications
Low-InertiaSupports applications with fast accelerations and decelerations as well as high duty-cycle applications
Wire-Saving Encoder2000 line with differential line driver (8000 pulses/rev inside drive) with only eight active wires
Brake OptionBuilt-in holding brake (24 VDC Spring-Set)
Metric DimensionsPopular mounting dimensions interchangeable with many other suppliers

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