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PE Servo Systems with SERCOS

Features Benefits
SERCOS - Noise Free and SimpleThe PE drives with SERCOS have a high-speed and digital fiber optic interface. The controller can be up to 250 feet from the drive without any fear of signal corruption. The fiber optic interface also replaces the many logic connections in a traditional servo system. This saves time and money.
InteroperabilityThe PE drives with SERCOS include the standard set of SERCOS IDN´s (identification numbers or parameters). This means that the PE drives with SERCOS can work with AML or other SERCOS compatible controllers. The PE drives with SERCOS do not support the set of IDN´s for probing. However, the AML controllers do support one master encoder input and the probing function with a latch input.
High PerformanceThe PE drive with SERCOS closes all loops internal to the drive. The position command is provided with 32 bit accuracy from the controller up to 1,000 times per second. This digital interface offers tremendous improvements in high-speed machine control over the traditional analog interface.
Separate AC Input for the Main and Control PowerThis allows the main ( motor or ´bus´) power to be disconnected during an alarm or emergency stop situation while retaining the control (or logic) power for fault analysis and retention of position feedback.
Built-in FunctionalityThe PE drives are very complete with a built-in dynamic brake to stop the motor during an emergency stop condition and a built-in regeneration circuit to handle excess energy during motor speed reversals. The holding brake control timing signal is also provided. The built-in functionality of the PE drives will tremendously simplify the electronic panel design by minimizing the need for extra external components.

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