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PV Indexing Drive with DeviceNet™

PV Indexing Drive with DeviceNet™

The PV Indexing Drive with DeviceNet™ is miniature in size but large in functionality. The family includes 2 package sizes (15 and 30 amp peak ratings) with common height and depth dimensions.

The PV indexing drives operate from a single-phase 230 VAC input and have built-in functions such as dynamic braking and regenerative energy processing. The PV indexing drives are manufactured in an ISO-9001 facility, have UL listing, and are CE marked.

The PV indexing drives are fully-digital and are setup using the DeviceNet™ link. Alternatively, setup and troubleshooting can also be accomplished with the universal remote operator.

DeviceNet™ eliminates the typical hardwired interface with a cost-effective and reliable 5-wire connection. The master controller uses DeviceNet™ to access all drive parameters and to initiate motion at target positions or velocities.
Built-in Indexer with DeviceNet™ InterfaceThe built-in indexer lowers cost by eliminating the separate indexer card while the DeviceNet™ link lowers cost, improves reliability by eliminating the usual hardwired interface, and increases communication capability. This allows the same drive to be used for a very wide range of applications.
Vibration Suppression (low pass filters and a notch filter) The PV indexing drives include programmable filters to suppress mechanical vibration of the load. This results in smoother and quieter operation in these situations.
Separate AC Input for the Main and Control PowerThis allows the main (or motor or ´bus´) power to be disconnected during an alarm or emergency stop situation while retaining the control (or logic) power for fault analysis and retention of position feedback.
Built-in FunctionalityThe PV indexing drives are very complete with a built-in dynamic brake to stop the motor during an emergency stop condition and a built-in regeneration circuit to handle excess energy during motor speed reversals. The PV indexing drive also provides for the holding brake control timing signals. The built-in functionality of the PV indexing drives tremendously simplifies the electronic panel design by minimizing the need for extra external components.

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