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PVM Series 280 Bar


Piston type, variable displacement

M Series pumps are open circuit, axial piston designs. A strong, proven rotating group allows the pumps to handle pressures to 280 bar continuous and 320 bar intermittent - with less maintenance cost.

High-load bearings and a stiff drive shaft help provide a pump life of 30,000 hours (@ 65% rated pressure), reducing operating costs and extending machine life.

M Series pumps operate at a level of quietness that exceeds the requirements of today's demanding industrial conditions. An adjustable maximum stop provides a means of tuning flow to your system, while gauge ports allow monitoring of inlet and outlet conditions.

With an M Series pump you can have smaller and quieter power units at higher pressures, using higher speed (1500 and 1800 r/min) electric motors. Your systems will have lower vibration levels on the system piping, helping to ensure a leak free system.

In Summary

  • Long pump life
  • Quiet pump operation
  • Inlet and outlet gauge ports and adjustable
  • Maximum displacement stops - standard
  • Astonishingly low 4% pressure ripple
  • Low installed and operating costs
  • Compact size saves space

Technical data

M Series pumps are capable of operating with many types of hydraulic fluids used in industrial and mobile systems. High-water-content and phosphate ester fluids can be accommodated, in addition to the typical petroleum based and synthetic fluids.
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