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PY Traditional Servo System

Fully-digital and high-performance ac servo systems from Sanyo Denki offer a rich set of features. These traditional ac servo systems offer a choice of command sources including analog (+/-10 volt) velocity or torque commands, pulse and direction with electronic gearing, and master encoder following with electronic gearing.

These ac servo drives have complete built-in functionality including dynamic braking and handling of regenerative energy. Extra regeneration energy handling capability can be added to each ac servo drive with standard external regeneration resistors.

The universal remote operator or the PC set-up software is used for setting servo drive parameters and for checking the status of the servo system. Standard cables for motor power and encoder feedback are available that have all the necessary connections made on both ends of the cables.

There is also an optional breakout board with screw terminals and a connection cable to facilitate all other connections to the servo drives.

A total of 7 compact size systems are available.
PY Traditional Servo System
A total of 10 standard size systems are available.
PY Traditional Servo System
A selection chart is also available to help you choose a system. Each system operates to a maximum speed of 4500 r.p.m. The motors have a built-in 2000 line (8000 count per revolution) encoder and optional 24 VDC spring-set holding brakes. The PY2 drives offer the ultimate in compact size with a continuous output power range from 100 to 1500 watts. The standard size PY0 drives can provide a continuous output power range of 100 to 5,000 watts.

Sanyo Denki ac servo systems are suitable for a broad range of applications including: Packaging Machines, Chip Mounters, Winding Machines, X-Y Tables, Feeding Machines, Semiconductor Processing Machines, and most other types of general purpose industrial machinery.
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