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Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM)

Perfluorelastomers (FFKM) have a fully fluorinated polymer backbone resulting in fluorine content of over 71%.

As all of the bonds on the backbone are carbon-fluorine then FFKM materials offer the ultimate thermo-chemical resistance shown by the good long-term high temperature compression-set resistance.

Although all FFKM polymer backbones are fully fluorinated the cross linking systems used to join the polymer chains together differ significantly, resulting in differing temperature and chemical resistance.

Common Perfluoroelastomers FFKM Types

Peroxide 240°C
Broad Chemical Resistance

Triazinic 327°C
High temperature, excellent mechanical properties. Reduced chemical and steam resistance.

Modified Triazinic 275°C
Broad chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties.

Modified Peroxide 325°C
High temperature resistance, excellent mechanical properties, reduced amine and base resistance.
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