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The Petroleum industry uses petroleum derivatives to make plastics and rubber and is as such faced with a sometimes volatile raw materials market. From a production perspective uptime is extremely important.


Stopping an Ethylene Cracker on a downstream petrochemical plant is a major source of cost and lost revenue and something which needs to be avoided at all costs, therefore Maximising Asset Utilisation and Meantime Between Failures is crucial to this industry.

Improving the reliability of your equipment will ensure downtime is minimised. ERIKS can not only supply and maintain your equipment but transactional history analysis allows us to reflect your needs in our stock. In addition ERIKS can carry out Critical spare parts analysis, identifying which parts of your plant are critical to stock spares. This reduces downtime, increases efficiency in the case of a breakdown as the spare is onsite as well as reducing your capital tied up in stock.

Health and Safety is another key issue for the Petrochemical industry. Raw products are often highly toxic and acidic and need to be handled with care, whilst environmental concerns include chemical spills, fires and smoke need to be eliminated.

ERIKS can meet your supply and maintenance needs alongside your health and safety and environmental needs. Our supply network of world leading supplier's manufacture their products with your needs in mind and our expert engineers draw on years of experience when recommending products and solutions.
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