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Pioneer Weston

Git Seals Advert

In 1932 Charles Weston & Co. Limited was established, it manufactured rubber, mechanical and leather seals.

1976 saw J.H. Fenner and Co. Limited acquire Charles Weston & Co. Limited, merging it with their existing Pioneer Oilsealing & Moulding Co. division, an established manufacture of high volume water pump and rubber seals predominately for the automotive sector.

The merged company was called Pioneer Weston. Pioneer Weston engineers have been helping industry deliver ever increasing performance since 1932.

To the right you can see an advert for the Gitseals, Military approved. We still work with the military today with numerous products and projects.
Photos from the 1940’s of the facilities in Salford, note the belt driven power to the lathes, this really is a part of industrial heritage.

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