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Pneumatic Actuators


Actuators are ideal for all applications where technically and functionally advanced drives are used. Actuators in our series are available in leading brand ranges such as Festo, ASCO, Norgren and SMC.

The mini ISO roundline, which is a popular series are also available from SMC, Festo and Norgren. The SMC ISO roundline include the C85 series, in the Festo range, we have the ESNU and DSNU series and within the Norgren range, we have the RM8000 series.


Actuators in our Festo range include the DNC and DNCB series. These actuators feature a new piston system, which delivers extremely smooth running and significantly increased energy absorption. Festo DNCB actuators are compatible with accessories and mounting attachments from the DNC modular system, they are available with diameters from 32mm - 100mm.

Features of the DNC and DNCB range of Festo actuators include:
  • New piston system
  • Smooth and energy efficient
  • New precision adjustment with scale for end position cushioning


Actuators in our ASCO range include the numatic geometric series with the combi-groove that is suitable for most 'T' and semicircular switches. This new pneumatic cylinder can be used with most current magnetic sensors, making it a suitable replacement for any VDMA conforming profile cylinder with the same bore and stroke.

With a hard chrome-plated piston rod (stainless steel available), it has a flush mounting magnetic switch in the cylinder and end of stroke pneumatic adjustable cushioning.

We offer a comprehensive range of these products, with cylinder bores from 32mm-100mm (diameter) and all stroke lengths.


Actuators in our Norgren range include the PRA range of actuators, and the RA series (RA/8160). This forms a comprehensive range of actuators for the utmost versatility, confirming to ISO 6431, VDMA 24562 and NFE 49-003-1.

Norgren RA/8160 actuators have a high level of performance, stability and reliability, which are ideal for the demands of modern industry. They come supplied completely with piston rod locknut and a comprehensive range of standard mountings.


Actuators in our SMC range include the CP95 series of actuators.
Conforming to ISO and VDMA interchangeability standards, these are available in a double acting, single rod specification, and grooves are provided on all four sides of the body to accommodate mounting of auto switches. To maintain their clean profile, switches mount flush with the body and unused grooves can be covered with optional resin fastener strips, to reduce the risks of contaminant accumulation.

Available in six bore sizes (23mm to 100mm) and 11 standard stroke lengths (25mm to 500mm) they operate at air pressures from 0.05pa to 1.0Mpa, offer piston speeds from 50 to 100mm/s and provide piston forces up to 7500N.
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