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Pneumatic Pumps

Pneumatic Pump

Sidewinder and ERIKS can make your life a lot easier by providing you with a chemical metering pump which:
  • Sidewinder Pneumatic Pumps Chemical Meterings easy to install
  • Offers easy seal replacement
  • Allows for easy pump and control valve disassembly and repair

The Sidewinder accepts supply gas/air pressure from 10 psi to a maximum of 150 psi without the use of any multiple relays.

Accurate Reliable Pneumatic Pumps!

Most importantly, the Sidewinder accurately meters down to less than 1 quart per day. There's dual volume control with the Timer Control and Stroke Length Adjuster features, and the standard pump weighs less than four pounds yet delivers a pressure of 10,000 psi and a volume in excess of 60 quarts per day.
Pneumatic Pump

Still Improving Pneumatic Pumps!

Since Sidewinder pumps play an important role in your business, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance their performance. Among the latest improvements you will note are:
  • All plunger pumps are now stainless steel construction for improved durability and corrosion resistance
  • The internal timer/controller seats have been redesigned and machined for higher precision
  • The diaphragm pump now uses the model 40 powerhead as a pneumatic timer/controller
  • The spiral ring has been eliminated on the 4" powerhead and replaced with tiebolts
  • A tapped exhaust port is available upon request. Additionally, new ceramic material makes a ceramic option on plungers smoother and more reliable with a lifetime warranty against wear or breakage

Pneumatic Pump

Sidewinder Offers Lightweight, Compact Design

Used primarily to inject metered amounts of chemicals into pressurized systems, the Sidewinder is a positive displacement pump which features lightweight, compact design for easy maintenance and repair. The Sidewinder is durable and reliable, but since it is a continually operating, part replacement and repair is to be expected. Our simple design allows for:
  • Fewer parts to replace
  • Disassembly and repairs which are quick and easy
  • Extremely competitive pricing

Easy to install

Sidewinder pumps can be operated either pneumatically, electrically or mechanically depending on your requirements. Applications include the injection of required treating chemicals into wellheads, flowlines, lease production facilities, and refinery processes as well as the injection of methanol to prevent gas line freezing.

Additionally, Sidewinder pumps have applications for pharmaceutical, municipal, pulp and paper, industrial, food processing, and water treatment.
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