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Self-adjusting cushioning PPS makes commissioning easier and means an end to the constant toing and froing previously required to set the correct cushioning for a pneumatic cylinder.

It also ensures a dynamic but gentle approach to the end position, with no more need for manual adjustment of the cylinder.

Previously, users had to keep on adjusting the speed control valves until they believed the cushioning characteristics to be right.

The full advantages of manually adjustable pneumatic cylinder cushioning were not exploited and a price was paid in terms of cycle times and noise levels.

As the cushioning no longer needs to be adjusted manually, commissioning time is now considerably reduced.

What is more, the automatic adjustment means optimum cushioning every time, even if parameters such as friction and pressure change. This reduces the acceleration forces acting on machine components and workpieces.

Furthermore, this type of cushioning is cheaper than shock absorbers and provides a significantly longer service life. This self-adjusting cushioning, unique to Festo, is now available with the popular round cylinder DSNU.

Your benefits

More economical: round cylinder DSNU with self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning PPS.

Potential savings with PPS cushioning. An installation for sorting packages consists of 60 stations, each with a round cylinder DSNU. The cushioning means that it takes up to five minutes less to install and set up each cylinder, which means a total saving of 300 minutes or five working hours.

With self-adjusting cushioning PSS, longitudinal slots on the cushioning piston ensure the guided discharge of air. This means that the round cylinder DSNU approaches its end position in a dynamic but gentle way. There is no more need for manual adjustment.

Here is a short video on the Cushioning System PPS Demo (WMV 19.9MB)
And Round Cylinder DSNU PPS Demo (WMV 13.2MB)

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