Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Testing in Workshops

PAT Testing in Offices

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) has been carried out by ERIKS for over 10 years now and brings a more professional approach to the maintenance of your portable appliances.

ERIKS use the most up to date Portable Appliance Testing equipment, fully trained Portable Appliance testers and provide a full, comprehensive report on completion of the Portable Appliance Testing.

Services include:

  • Checking portable appliance for any damage
  • Checking plug for correct fuse rating and correct wiring
  • Testing earth bond, insulation, continuity and earth leakage of the portable appliances
  • Attaching a durable, non-destructible label showing last Portable Applicance testing date, next Portable Appliance Testing date, Portable testers name and unique asset number
  • Providing a full report on hard copy, excel spreadsheet or, for larger sites, on an Access database
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