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Positive Energy Reduction

Positive Energy Reduction
ERIKS' passion for technology and drive for innovation ensures that energy efficiency is designed-in to ERIKS' products. And ERIKS' know-how helps to ensure that customers' manufacturing processes are as energy-efficient as possible, with process machinery not only designed but also maintained to run at optimum efficiency and use less energy.

At the top right of this page you will see a number of links to products and services that typify our innovation in energy reduction, readily available to day, also showcased within our case studies, you will see these put in to practical benefits for our customers.

For more information on how ERIKS can help reduce your energy costs, follow these links or read on here.

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The world needs industry and industry needs energy. So to have the products we want and need, we have to deal with the by-products of manufacture, such as carbon emissions.

However, there are ways to reduce energy use and consequently industry's carbon footprint. For example, energy-efficient motors can cut the amount of energy used to drive them - currently 65% of industry's total usage. And with up to 30% of energy costs in commercial businesses arising simply from lighting, more efficient illumination can have a major impact.

One of the main ways by which ERIKS can reduce industry's energy use is through the products it supplies - working with customers to help them choose and operate products for minimum energy usage
Case Study Energy
Benefits can include Government support, (carbon loans, for example) avoidance of penalties, and reduced energy bills and increased operational efficiency with their associated commercial advantages.

ERIKS, alone and with our supply partners, is committed to developing and identifying products and services with green credentials. We then work with customers to identify areas of savings, and provide support with application engineering, surveys and cost-justification to implement these projects. We can even loan or lease test products to prove the savings.

As well as supplying replacement products, we can re-engineer, refurbish and repair production equipment to its original specification or beyond, at our regional workshops.

So not only are we proficient in production and process planning for MRO, but we also work with OEMs to develop energy-efficient solutions for the products they manufacture. With our passion for technology and our know-how, we can convert their products' energy consumption, to their competitive advantage.

You and the Planet + ERIKS

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