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Positive Pollution Reduction

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ERIKS aims to achieve the highest manufacturing standards with the lowest levels of pollution, both for ourselves and our customers. This means purchasing sustainably, eliminating toxic substances, and designing for minimal impact at every stage of the product life cycle - from construction, through operation, to decommissioning.

At the top right of this page you will see a number of links to products and services that typify our innovation in pollution reduction, readily available to day, also showcased within our case studies, you will see these put in to practical benefits for our customers.

For more information on how ERIKS can help reduce your pollution impact and costs, follow these links or read on here.

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Pollution comes in many forms, with the potential to affect the environment in which we live and work, and the quality of the air, land and water around us.

Some forms of pollution make headlines: petrochemical spills and heavy metals, for example. Others - which we may not necessarily think of as pollutants (such as noise emissions, harmonics in electrical systems, and asbestos), may present a more immediate risk to our everyday environment.

The majority of these pollutants are covered by legislation, which sets minimum standards and is enforced by government bodies with powers to prosecute and impose fines on those failing to meet the standards.
Pollution Case Study
ERIKS are committed to developing - or working with our supply partners to identify - products and services that are necessary to produce the products that the world demands, even though these can contain pollutants. However, we also work with manufacturers to develop alternative solutions, materials or technologies that avoid pollutants altogether.

From improved sealing arrangements in the products we use every day to complex process filtration solutions used in cutting-edge production processes, ERIKS' technical teams are on hand, not only to ensure you don't fall foul of legislation, but also applying our passion for technology to find more sustainable solutions for the long term.

As part of our CSR programme's supply chain responsibility, we also work with our partners to ensure that the products we offer you are produced and supplied in a way that has as minimal a negative impact as possible on tomorrow's environment.

You and the Planet + ERIKS

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