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Positive Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction
ERIKS helps to reduce waste in a number of ways. Firstly, by applying know-how to refine the manufacturing process to achieve the closest possible balance of inputs and outputs. Secondly, by recycling as much as possible of what is not used up in the initial process. And finally, by ensuring the highest quality of manufacture, so that less finished product has to be discarded.

At the top right of this page you will see a number of links to products and services that typify our innovation in waste reduction, readily available to day, also showcased within our case studies, you will see these converted in to practical benefits for our customers.

For more information on how ERIKS can help reduce your waste costs, follow these links or read on here.

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Waste takes many forms: from wasted or lost time, to processes or resources that are not contributing to production targets.

ERIKS help you tackle waste and maximise profitability in several ways - minimising the gap between what goes in to your process and what comes out in the form of usable product.

Firstly, to enhance your production capacity availability, ERIKS can work with you to identify optimum maintenance schedules, and forecast work for non-productive periods that might otherwise cause production stoppages. We can increase productivity by supporting you in re-engineering your critical processes to improve reliability, and by replacing unreliable or OEM special components with new technology parts and systems, to improve reliability and reduce maintenance requirements and change-over times.
Waste Reduction
Secondly, ERIKS can help you to minimise quality rejects and their double-negative effect: the money lost in making the rejected product, and the production time and resources to make another one. ERIKS have a track record in helping identify the reasons a product failed to reach the desired standard - using a broad range of techniques and tools - as well as in helping resolve the issues.

Finally, just as important as the production process is the supply side for both engineering/maintenance resources and the core production supply. ERIKS can work with you to develop products to simplify assembly or your production process. We also have a flexible supply system enabling us to supply kits or pre-assembled systems ready to be installed.

We can also keep your line working, with Kanban, bin and other supply management systems.

You and the Planet + ERIKS

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