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Pressure switches offer simple but flexible operations

Pressure Switch

50D Pressure Switch

Complementing the range of existing pressure switches, the new 50D offers simple but flexible operation with a large LED display that changes colour for rapid fault detection. The products also feature a second output that can be programmed as a diagnostic output.

The series has two supply options, 4mm PIF or G1/4 thread; three pressure ranges, -1 to 0 bar, -1 to 1 bar, 0 to 10 bar; and two output options, 2 x PNP, PNP + Analogue.

Features of the 50D Pressure Switch include:
Large, well-lit clear display with intuitive menus
Fast error detection with the display turning red in the event of a fault
Large easy to use buttons
Two alternative ports on the base or rear
Interchangeable unit displays (bar, psi, KPA, InHg vacuum)
Flexible assembly with DIN rail or wall mounting and additional options using thread adapter
IP65 rated

18D Pneumatic Pressure Switches
With gold-plated contacts, these robust switches remain reliable over a very high number of switching cycles, and are vibration resistant to 15g.
Approved by UL and CSA, they also offer intrinsically-safe operation.

Features of the 18D Pneumatic Pressure Switches include:
Gold-plated contacts
Vibration resistant to 15g
Intrinsically safe operation
-1 to 30 bar
IP 65 rated

33D Series Electronic Pressure Switches (Pneumatic/Allfluid)
Optimised to deliver highly reliable switching, combined with long-life (typically 100 million cycles),
these switches feature a compact and robust design that's ideal for use in a wide variety of
industrial applications. The series is available in electro-mechanical and electronic variants and
have operating pressures of -1 bar to 16 bar (pneumatic) and 0 bar to 630 bar (hydraulic/Allfluid).

Features of the 33D Series Electronic Pressure Switches include:
Compact and robust design
Easy programming of set points and additional functions
Electronic lock
Switching status indicated by LED
-1 to 630 bar available (consult our technical service)
IP 65

33L Electronic Pressure Switch
Offering vacuum and relative pressure ratings of -0.5psi to 8,700psi, this switch features a
high-visibility (19ft) LED, which helps to maintain uptime by ensuring that the operator can
easily detect critical conditions from long distances. The products also feature a self-diagnosis
function to detect system errors, facilitating a higher degree of plant security.

Features of the 33D Series Electronic Pressure Switches include:
Current consumption: <100 mA (no load)
Response time: <10 ms
Colour switching display at set-point
Service life: min. 50 million cycles

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