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Prevent Deafness Through Selective Attenuation Tailor made Earplugs

custom earplugs eriks

Hearing damage caused by exposure to noise at work is permanent and incurable. Research estimates that over 2 million people are exposed to noise levels at work that may be harmful - over 80db. There are many new cases of people receiving compensation for hearing damage each year, through both civil claims and the Government disability benefit scheme, with considerable costs to industry, society and, most importantly, the people who suffer the disability.

Hearing loss is usually gradual due to prolonged exposure to noise. It may only be when damage caused by noise over the years combines with normal hearing loss due to ageing that people realise how deaf they have become. Hearing damage can also be caused immediately by sudden, extremely loud noises. Exposure to noise can also cause tinnitus, which is a sensation of noises in the ears such as ringing or buzzing. Tinnitus may occur in combination with hearing loss.

There are many types of hearing protection available - disposable & re-useable earplugs, earmuffs, and custom made earplugs.

ERIKS custom made earplugs offer a tailor-made solution to personal hearing protection.

Made of soft silicone, ERIKS custom made hearing protectors offers five acoustic filters, each offering different attenuation properties.

  • Manufactured and tested according to EN352-2:2002
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Maintains speech audibility
  • Fits securely into the ear
  • Antiallergenic material
  • Long life - up to 5 years if maintained properly
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Metal detectable versions available.
  • Communications versions also available - for phone's, radio's etc

    For more information, contact your local ERIKS Service Centre, or call 0845 006 6000

  • 13/2/2014
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