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Preventative Maintenance

When incorrectly loaded (overloaded or shock loaded), bearings find it impossible to reach their full design life and often the original bearing selection is not made to achieve the longest operating life. Premature fatigue failure is also caused when machines are poorly aligned either through incorrect set up or poor design of mating components.

Mechanical fatigue failure results in a significant 34% of all premature bearing failures and can be Preventative maintenancesudden, unexpected and very dangerous as well as inconvenient and costly.

ERIKS bearing experts have the experience and knowledge of different applications across many sectors which helps us identify the route cause of your issues.   We assist in the redesign of mating components and advise optimum bearing arrangements and specification.  Additionally we have access to technical support from all the leading international bearing manufactures at our disposal

We are also experts in looking for the warning signs of bearing failure through forms of condition monitoring to help you take control of your bearing performance and plan for replacement and service.

When it comes to Monitoring the condition of your bearings, ERIKS is uniquely equipped to deliver a condition monitoring total care package for your peace of mind with:

  • Tailored bearing condition monitoring programmes
  • Data collection, analysis & reporting
  • Identification of potential bearing problems before significant cost implications
  • Complete bearing maintenance programmes


SKF Certified Maintenance Partner

ERIKS is the only SKF Certified Maintenance Partner with full UK national coverage.SKF certified maintenance partner

The 'National' status recognises ERIKS' significant UK footprint in terms of technical support. ERIKS employs 32 Certified Vibration Analysts in the field, working from over 70 branch locations and 23 workshop locations nationwide.

The SKF Certified Maintenance Partner (CMP) program was developed to provide a tailored condition monitoring service for bearings on critical machinery, recognising that the ability to effectively monitor bearing condition also provides an excellent indicator of the wider machine condition. Analysis of bearing vibration can highlight and help to pinpoint any number of problems on a machine that can impact on performance and reliability. It can also flag up potential points of failure, allowing planned downtime and maintenance rather than costly reactive measures.

SKF and ERIKS specialist monitoring equipment and analysis software allows accurate interpretation of vibration signals, and provides comprehensive recommendations as to any measures that should be taken. Even if it is just one critical machine on a small production or process site ERIKS is able to bring the service to that customer on an effective and economic basis.

ERIKS delivers the CMP program as part of its broader Technical Services offering, providing customers with consultancy, supply, installation and commissioning of products, systems and processes. ERIKS Technical Services gives customers the advice, tools and on-going support they need to increase plant and equipment productivity and reliability

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