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Pump Setting Gauges For Calibrating Chemical Pumps

Stay-Rod pump setting gauges are designed to measure higher pump flow rates. The design is a glass cylinder sandwiched between two end plates held together with stay-rods. One of the rods is calibrated to measure the flow rate of your pump. Features of the stay-rod include stainless steel, carbon steel and polyvinyl chloride end plates, six scale type options, pyrex glass tube as standard.

Gauge Specifications

Gauge Model NumberMaximum Pump Flow RateScale Units Based On A 1 Minute TestInlet Port Size
3001616 GPD0.5 GPD1/4" NPTF
3003030 GPD1 GPD1/4" NPTF
3006060 GPD1 GPD1/2" NPTF
3009696 GPD2 GPD1/2" NPTF
3014444 GPD1 5 GPD1/2" NPTF
30216216 GPD5 GPD1/2" NPTF
3028080 GPD2 5 GPD1/2" NPTF
30420420 GPD10 GPD1/2" NPTF
30580580 GPD10 GPD3/4" NPTF
30700700 GPD20 GPD3/4" NPTF
3144071440 GPD25 GPD1" NPTF
Aflas, Buna-n, Ethylene Propylene, PTFE Encapsulated Silicone and Fluorocarbon o-rings can be supplied with the stay-rod gauges. The stay-rod gauge can be supplied with either standard, lexan shield or expanded metal guard sight tube shields.
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