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Putting the seal on food safety

Shore Hardness Testing

MTC Testing

ERIKS is setting the benchmark for food safety with blanket (EC 1935) extraction testing of its food sealing products to FDA 177.2600 standards.

Food safety is a hot issue, and with all the recent public scares, one that is not likely to fade any time soon. One key area is the migration of contaminants from compounds and polymers that come into direct contact with food. The relevant European Framework Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 (l338/4) does not cover rubber, one the primary materials that comes into contact with food products, so the industry has adopted the US FDA 177.2600 regulation. Not all manufacturers use the more rigorous extraction testing program method of compliance however, leaving room for variations in performance and quality even within the standard.

ERIKS has its own Materials Sealing Technology Centre at Warrington, and it is here that full extraction tests are undertaken for food grade sealing products. Certified ISO 9001, the Centre has comprehensive dedicated test facilities for O rings and rubber parts, Oil seals, Mechanical seals, FEA and providing Clean Room requirements.

"The FDA regulation demands documented proof of safety; and with these tests we are able to deliver that proof; that the ingredients we use are securely bonded into the rubber of our O rings and moulded parts," said Chris Dixon, Divisional Sales Director for ERIKS Sealing Technology.

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