RX Chemical Only Range

RX Spill Control Chemical Header

The RX Chemical range is specicially designed to adsorb chemicals and hazardous liquids, ideally suited for use in laboratories, hospitals and chemical storage areas. Dimple bonded for added strength and faster wicking of liquids, for faster clean-up. The chemical range is static resistant allowing greater safety when handling flammable liquids

RX Chemical adsorbants are always yellow in colour to stand out during a spill thus providing a "caution" warning.

Chemical Only Pads & Rolls
Pads and rolls are perforated to minimise waste, as well as being packed in their own dispenser boxes for easy handling. Pads and Rolls are also available in the Perform+ range providing superior performance.

Chemical Only Socks
Filled with 100% polypropylene for a cost effective solution, RX socks are available in two different lengths for added flexibility. They are the ideal solution to surround and contain liquids during a land spill, can easily be shaped around leaky machinery or drums.

Chemical Only Pillows
Filled with 100% polypropylene for a cost effective solution, RX pillows are ideal for soaking larger spills concentrated to one specific area, or for putting underneath leaky pipes.
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