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RX Chemresist

Synthetic rubber glove with nitrile coating
Technical Information
Abrasion test - Performance Level 4
Cut test - Performance Level 1
Tear Test - Performance Level 0
Puncture Test - Performance Level 1

Reusable glove
Offers protection from chemicals
Suitable for use in the following environments: Indoor, outdoor, dry, oil, grease, dirty
High level of grip
High level of dexterity


Performance - Offers very good abrasion and puncture resistance, and protection against a wide range of chemicals including strong detergents, oils and certain solvents.

Comfort - Anatomically shaped ensuring comfort, and reducing hand fatigue.

Good Grip - Slip resistant raised diamond pattern on palm of glove ensuring good grip in both wet and dry conditions

Flock Lined - Soft cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration keeping hands cool. Easier to put on and take off.

Santitised - Contains a fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent. Thickness 0.38mm (measured to the palm) Length: 33cm

Anti-static Properties - Meets the surface resistivity requirement of EN1149 Part 1:1995

Graphics industry
Production and assembly
Food manufacturing and preparation
Engineering and manufacturing
Chemical manufacture and use
Laboratory and pharmaceutical
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