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RX Mobile Retention Systems

RX Spill Control Mobile

Drain Seal Plus
A valuable addition to any emergency response plan or spill kit, the urethane layer prevents spills from entering drains, the flexible, non-absorbing bottom layer is reinforced with tear resistant mesh for added durability. Ideal for use in parking areas, loading docks and other areas where drains may be at risk from traffic spills.

Roof Drip Diverter
The large vinyl-coated fabric cataches roof leaks and channels them into a standard hose hook-up, keeping roof leaks away from office equipment. Heavy-duty grommets in each corner make installation quick and easy.

Pop Up Retention Pool
Ultra pop up retention pools are available in 250 litre and 568 litre sizes to meet your needs. Simply remove them from their protective carrying case and give them a quick shake - they instantly expand and are ready to respond to any emergency.
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