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RX® Non-Sparking Tools

RX Tools

At ERIKS we take your safety seriously and when it comes to using tools in potentially explosive environments we simply don’t offer second best.

The RX range of non-sparking safety tools are recommended for use in explosive environments, all areas where combustible or easily ignitable vapours, liquids and dusts are present and anywhere that a potential fire or explosion risk from sparks is possible.

Safety at Your Fingertips

Incorporating the knowledge and experience we have gained with conventional hand tools, the new range of RX non-sparking safety tools are ergonomically designed and forged to produce some of the highest quality tools on the market. Utilising 2-component handles and advanced ergonomic design ensures they will not only help you to complete your tasks quickly and easily but also with greater comfort.

Guaranteed Quality from RX®

We guarantee that RX non-sparking safety tools are only ever manufactured from the very highest quality non-sparking alloys, to ensure the highest possible levels of operator safety and tool life. RX non-sparking safety tools are available in two certified non-sparking alloys:
  • Copper-Beryllium (Cu-Be)
  • Aluminium-Bronze (Al-Bron)
Which means you are able to benefit from selecting the most appropriate and safest tools to match your exact requirements.

RX non-sparking safety tools made from Aluminium-Bronze (Al-Bron) are suitable for use in all but one of the ATEX zones - IIC (hydrogen, acetylene, ethyl nitrate) however, the range of Copper Beryllium (Cu-Be) RX non-sparking tools can be used safely in all ATEX groups. However, bear in mind that copper beryllium and aluminium-bronze both have copper compositions higher than 65%, and should not be used in environments with acetylene present.

IIC* - With the exception of Acetylene which might react with copper and create highly explosive Acetylene gases.
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