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What Does a Spillage in a Workplace Mean to You?

The often forgotten and misunderstood product category of Spill Control has become an important first line defence for your plant...

There are many risks associated with a spill in your workplace. Your workforce could be subject to injury and your business could have an impact on environmental safety, which in turn could demolish a company's reputation that has taken years to build.

With legislation in place, enforced by the Environmental Agency and backed up with hefty fines for non-compliant companies, it is essential you have a spill procedure in place and and the right products to hand to deal with any incidents.

ERIKS comprehensive range of RX adsorbent products offer a cleaner, professional and more effective solution to spill control. More importantly, we offer a cost effective alternative to traditional products on the market.

Remove the risk and apathy surrounding the spill control, whilst being compliant with current regulations. Our full product range covers the following areas:

ERIKS offer much more than spill control... We do:

  • Spill compliance surveys
  • Dispensing units
  • Kit management advice
  • Oil storage advice
  • Bio-remediation products
  • Training Sessions: "First Responder" or "Train the Trainer"
RX Spill Control Range

Want to know more, then contact your local ERIKS service centre or request your copy of the new RX Spill Control catalogue below.

RX Spill Control Brochure

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