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Repair or Replace

Offering our customers the choice of repair or replace has been a central philosophy at ERIKS for many years.  We know that you can not always wait for a replacement part and in some circumstances, even during planned maintenance, repairing a component such as a ballscrew can be more cost effective than buying a new one.

ERIKS supply brand new ballscrews from:

But we also offer an extensive repair service.  ERIKS are able to repair all makes and designs of ballscrews; ground ballscrews, and rolled ballscrews in a vast range of sizes and accuracies.Linear bearing repair

Ballscrews are repaired in a dedicated workshop, by qualified technicians. When the state of the ballscrew does not allow a repair, we propose a new ballscrew, interchangeable with the received item.  There are roughly 2 types of repair:

Refurbishment and re-ball

All the components being thoroughly cleaned; the shaft is checked for straightness and re-straightened if necessary.  Any damage to journals and threads are repaired and the whole shaft is then polished. The unit is then rebuilt and the correct preload torque is set.

Reground shaft and new nut

If the ballscrew has suffered fatigue damage in the balltrack, then it is reground and fitted with a new nut.

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