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Respiratory Protection

Fine particles, toxic gases, vapours, smoke or mist in the atmosphere are latent health hazards. In the short term, they can cause or worsen acute problems with your airways and in the long term they can affect the lung function. By providing employees with suitable respirators, a large part of the unhealthy effect can be eliminated.

However, correct use of these respirators is crucial! When masks are not put on correctly or do not correspond with the face profile of the user the necessary protection is insufficient or even non-existent.

Included in our PPE Catalogue are:
  • Disposable masks
  • Reusable masks
  • Accessories
  • PPE Respiratory logos

    OEL Table Face maks

    What are OEL Thresholds?
    For each harmful substance, there is an OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit) or threshold indicating the maximum permissible concentration of gas or vapours in ml/m³ in ppm (parts per million) of dust particles or of fibres in f/m³). When this OEL value is exceeded wearing respiratory protection is mandatory.

    CMR Substances — Carcinogenic Mutagenic Reprotoxic Substances
    More specifically substances, which on their own (carcinogenic substances) or in combination with other substances (mutagenic substances), can cause cancer. Reprotoxic substances have a negative effect on fertility but also cause damage during the development of an unborn child and result in congenital disorders.

    NPF — Nominal Protection Factor
    The theoretical protection level of a respirator is based on the performance measured during tests in laboratories. The NPF is calculated by the Total Inward Leakage (TIL) as specified in the EN is question, divided by 100. The nominal protection factor is a number denoting the level of minimal protection of the relevant type of mask. The higher the number, the better the protection.

    APF — Assigned Protection Factor
    Determined following practical tests in the workplace. Unsatisfactory maintenance instruction, incorrect use, movement etc. are taken into account. As specified in BS4275, APF is the level of protection, which can be realistically achieved for 95% oif trained and supervised users.

    Correct Selection and Use
    ERIKS do not merely help you with selecting your disposable mask, but also give you more information as to how these high quality products should be used in order to guarantee maximum protection. Click here for more information.

    Fit Testing
    A fit test will determine what type of mask is best suited to the wearer; it also trains the employee in how to fit a mask correctly. Please contact your local ERIKS Service Centre for more information.

    Available from ERIKS
    RX Face Mask 3M 6000 half face mask

    RX Pre-Formed (Cupped) and Reinforced Disposable Mask
    Due to the lightweight netted construction, this mask has a very low breathing resistance, so even during the most demanding working conditions the wearer enjoys the highest possible comfort.

    3M 6000 Reusable Half Face Mask Respirator
    The 3M™ 6000 Series Reusable Half Masks are economical, low-maintenance, simple to handle and extremely lightweight. The backwards facing bayonet click fit attachment system ensures a safe, secure fit and allows connection to a broad range of twin filters to protect the user against gasses, vapours and particulates depending on individual needs.
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