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Revolvo SNQ

RevolveThe SNQ has been designed to offer end-users the traditional advantages of SRB technology in applications where there is extremely limited access to the shaft.

In such applications, even traditional SRB designs require the shaft height to be increased in order to fit the support pedestal in place. The SNQ's slanted design removes this obstacle, further reducing installation time by as much as a third.

Revolvo's design engineers have strengthened the base of the support (constructed from HT250 cast iron) so that the angle of approach does not compromise the strength characteristics of the support. However, they still maintain the complete interchangeability with SN and SD units that the Revolvo SRB range is known for.

Even Quicker Installation

With no additional craneage requirements during installation, it's possible for just one person to fit the bearing, which further reduces total man hours. The split to the shaft design allows for quick and simple inspection and maintenance whilst installed, which makes it possible to extend operation life beyond the capabilities of competitor designs.

The SNQ range is available for shaft diameters up to 6" (150mm) in both metric and imperial sizes. The angle varies between 25° and 33° across the size range to achieve the correct angle of sweep clearance to fit under the shaft.

Key Features:

Revolvo SNQ Bearing features

Total Cost of Ownership

The whole life cost of an SRB SNQ is an extremely competitive solution when compared to conventional designs.

The increased price of an SRB SNQ bearing is more than offset by the savings made during installation and the ongoing reduced cost of maintenance during its service life.
During their operational life SNQs are shown to reduce maintenance requirements and unplanned downtime by up to 90%.

Revolvo SNQ Total Cost of Ownership

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