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Rotary unions and swivel joints

Rotary unions and swivel joints

Rotary unions and swivel joints offer a solution to pressure release from pipe joints, steam escaping causing burns or fluids on the floor which can cause health and safety problems.

BARCO plane and self-aligning swivel joints are the direct method to handle multi-plane, rotary and angular movement with positive sealing between piping systems. The rotary unions and swivel joints are precision manufactured using the latest materials technology to ensure low friction articulation, reduced sticking and leak-free unions over a longer life.

Type C and CS Rotary Joints available in eight sizes, are ideal for a wide range of applications using steam, water, oil, (for hot oil/therminol applications, see the hot oil page for details) or gas, over a wide temperature range up to 406°F (208°C).

These rotary unions feature an iron casing, bronze or ferrous sleeve and end cap, stainless steel spring and spring guides.

The BARCO E-75 RS and E-75 RSX (extra life) Rotary Unions Series incorporate state-of-the-art sealing technology for use on water applications. This product is primarily used in the printing, paper, rubber, plastics and steel processing industries.

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