Rubber Technology

Rubber Technology

Rubber Technology in ERIKS isn't just knowing the materials, it's taking your problems on board with your sealing solutions and resolving them. Re-Designing, developing and giving you optimum support.

ERIKS Know-How is all about sustainability, efficiency and cost saving.

Our comprehensive product range incorporates not only rubber, but also Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE). Our TPE solutions are a prime example of our innovative thinking, combining two or three thermo plastic elastomers in one product to reduce the steps in the manufacturing process.

Our in-house CAD/CAM capability also enables us to quickly design and accurately manufacture innovative solutions to meet new applications and operating conditions.

We constantly take a customers problematic applications and develop solutions with the customer to make their seals last longer, make them more efficient, safer, devlop or replace an OEM part with a bespoke solution.

Call us with your sealing problems and our time served in-house seals engineers will work on a sustainable, cost effective solution with you. 0845 603 1221
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