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The PV drive family includes models rated at 15, 30, & 50 amps peak, and they operate from a single-phase 230 VAC input supply.

All of the PV drives have uniform height and depth. Built-in functions include dynamic braking, regenerative energy processing, registration inputs (which latch the motor position), and holding brake timing control.

The PV drives are manufactured in an ISO-9001 facility and are CE marked. We also offer the PE series - standard size SERCOS drives - in sizes up to 150A Peak (5kW) - click here for more info.

The PV drives with SERCOS provide for the standard SERCOS Fiber Optic interface from a controller. The fully-digital PV drives with SERCOS have many programmable functions including auto-tuning, load vibration suppression, fault history, (6) digital inputs, and (2) digital outputs.

The PE Servo System with SERCOS Interface Installation and Operation Manual may be downloaded from our downloads section.
FeaturesPE Drive with SERCOS
Package SizeCompact size
Input Voltage3-Phase 230 VAC Input
Output Current15, 30 & 50 Amp Models
Command Source via SERCOSStandard Fiber Optic Interface (IEC 61491)
Fully DigitalYes (No Pots!)
Easy Setup with Remote OperatorYes
High-speed Registration InputsYes (2)

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