SPG Seals Packings and Gaskets Ltd

SPG Barnsley

ERIKS UK acquired the entire share capital of Seals Packings and Gaskets on 1st August 2008. Since that time we have seen a lot of changes in the World, the Credit Crunch, Global Recession and a change of Government. However, one thing that has not changed in this time is the management structure and philosophy of SPG.

Growth is dependent on SPG remaining true to our philosophy of offering quality products at competitive prices, all bundled together with outstanding customer service. We remain dedicated to quoting 95% of all enquiries within 2 hours, with the average turn around being 38 minutes.

Conversion rates for internal ERIKS enquiries is currently 83%, with on time deliveries over 99%! Moving forward, I believe it is now time for SPG to become more aligned with the ERIKS Group. Although the SPG brand remains very strong and will be retained in the HVAC market, it must be the intention to adopt the ERIKS brand for our Industrial Sealing activity if we are truly going to realise the growth expectations discussed. We will begin to rollout a re-branding of SPG, reflecting that we are ERIKS'
technical centre for gaskets here in the UK. In addition to utilising the orange SPG lozenge, we will also use the term ERIKS Gasket Technology, on all paperwork, literature and promotion activity in the coming months.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks to colleagues at SPG for your hard work and continued support. People are SPG's most important asset, a factor that must never be forgotten.
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