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Safety Eyewear

The eyes are arguably the most fragile in terms of damage. Once damage has been inflicted, this often has serious consequences and usually the damage is irreversible. Rightly we should do anything to reduce the injuries to an absolute minimum.

The RX Optiflex Range of safety eyewear can provide this protection
  • RX Optiflex-C
  • RX Optiflex-B
  • RX Optiflex-W
  • RX Optiflex-V
  • RX Optiflex-G

  • Flying particles cause the majority of eye injuries. Splashes of molten metal or corrosive liquids are detrimental in case of eye contact. When welding, the bright light, the ultraviolet and infrared rays can damage your eyes. Reason enough to be extra careful.

    All these different risks demand a specific approach. The working environment is decisive when choosing eye protection. This section explains all functions and features of RX brand safety glasses. In addition to the protection factor we have paid a great deal of attention to the ergonomic aspect. The revolutionary "Shape Memory Technology", ensures that RX Safety Eyewear gives exceptional wearer comfort, with the added bonus of a modern, stylish design, for every user.

  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Understanding lens coatings
  • Rx Safety Glasses Main
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